Deepika Kamaiah 2017 Hindi Dubbed Movie. Chingaara 2017 Hindi Romantic Movie. For More South Indian Superhit Hindi Action Movies Subscribe to New Hindi Romantic Movies. Chingaara Hindi Full Movie, featuring Darshan, Deepika Kamaiah and Bhavana. Dubbed from Kannada movie Chingari.

Chingaara movie music composed by V Harikrishna, directed by Harsha and produced by B Mahadevu.


CCB Officer Dhanush (Darshan) girlfriend Geetha (Deepika Kamaiah) leaves Karnataka against his wish and gets kidnapped in Switzerland by slave traders, who traffic girls into prostitution. He has just five days to find her before she gets auctioned like material objects at market. His earlier good deed comes to his help after a business tycoon, whose life was saved by the cop, arranges him a special aircraft to reach Swiss. In this action thriller we would see how he tracks down the baddies and rescues his sweetheart.